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In June 2019, the Climate Change Act 2008 was amended by the United Kingdom, with the introduction of a 100% target reduction in the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This amendment is known as NetZero – a commitment of the UK nations to reduce emissions to their lowest possible amount through energy efficient measures.

NetZeroWeek is designed to raise awareness to our challenge and pursuit in reaching zero emissions. The campaign keeps up momentum and highlights the benefits of making such a dramatic, but positive change in our approach to climate change.

Net Zero vs Carbon Neutral

Net Zero differs to “carbon neutral” by the fact that the aim is to remove emissions almost entirely from our way of life. Whereas carbon neutral is the act of offsetting emissions from one process to that of another, more efficient process. With carbon neutral, the emission of greenhouse gases is essentially moved from one source to another. Net Zero is the intention to remove emissions to their lowest amount first, and then offset any remainder to seek a balance.

NetZero - Net Zero vs Carbon Neutral | NexSun

What Can I Do?

Some may argue that the recent hike in energy prices is a contrived effort to push consumers towards greener products and solutions. Regardless of one’s polictial beliefs, the green movement is a train that’ll stop for no one, as so it’s best to get aboard and make the change sooner rather than later.

Households, businesses, the government and we the people all have an important part to play over the coming years. Legally binding carbon budgets and targets are set for business and institutions every five years. Furthermore, with 33% of emissions being consumer based1 – originating from our homes and cars, we the consumers will soon have the spotlight on us too.

NetZero - Solar Power | NexSun

Invest in The Future

The quickest route to reduce our personal emissions and gain bigger cost savings is by investing in green technologies and processes such as solar power, electric cars (more carbon neutral than zero emissions though), or by improving the insulation and thermal mass of your home.

Unfortunately, buying a “green” product or service is notably more expensive in current times. Typically, this is because the technology is still in its infancy, but also because the world has been developed by, and become accustomed to cheap fossil fuel-based industries.

With that said, buying power and market share are key objectives of companies and if you purchase from a brand that is climate conscious, then they’ll continue to invest in their products, services and customers.

The green pound is strong, and it does carry some weight – it’ll get us to a cleaner future and more harmonious cost prices in good time.

Free and Low-Cost Solutions

There are also some ways in which you can become “greener” without the need to spend any money, some examples are:

  • Walking more instead of driving somewhere local
  • Turning lights and appliances off when not in use
  • Changing energy suppliers to those who offer low-cost eco-friendly electricity
  • Taking advantage of any government incentive schemes that are in place

Low costs options include changing incandescent light bulbs to LEDs, getting a smart meter so that you can monitor your energy spending and savings, or by replacing old appliances with newer, more efficient ones.

The effort to make your home more energy-efficient and using an electric vehicle will save you a lot of money every month, as well as reducing your carbon emissions. This will significantly reduce your personal contribution to climate change, so it’s a win-win.

What We’re Doing

At NexSun and NightSearcher, we are invested to play our part in the global push to address concerns for the climate and environment.

The release of our latest solar powered lighting brand, NexSun forms part of our “Think Zero” and “Think Green” ethos – Through which we try to highlight the benefits of portable, rechargeable and solar technology and the vital role they’ll play for years to come.

Zero emissions, zero cables, zero noise, all encompass our product range in the push for a greener, safer and sustainable environment for us all.

NetZero - NexSun by NightSearcher | NexSun

Further Reading

Discover more about Net Zero and #NetZeroWeek and what you can do to help reach the 2050 target. Read up about the Climate Change Act 2008 here. Learn more about NexSun – a brand by NightSearcher and our latest range of commercial, industrial and residential solar powered lights

1Source – NetZero