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NexSun's Portable Solar Flood Lights

The NexSun portable solar lighting kits are light weight and slimline lighting rigs. Their high lumens, solar powered flood lights offer wide and diffused flood beams for optimal site illumination.

The ideal lighting solution for construction sites, highway and rail maintenance works – do away with noisy, polluting generators, fuel, spill kits and trip hazards. Make way for ultra-bright and efficient solar powered flood lights that can be erected and positioned anywhere, with ease.

NexSun 2000 & 2500 FloodlightS

High-powered, 2000 and 2500 lumens solar flood lights with a 45 metre wide beam. Features built-in PIR motion sensor and lux sensor for smart, adaptive site lighting.

Solar Panel

With a large, external and lightweight polycrystalline solar panel, the powerful LiFePO4 battery is fully charged within 7-10 hours.

NexSun Solar Lighting Kit | NexSun

Large Footprint Tripod

The 3.5m tripod enables the solar light to be erected anywhere. With a large footprint, the SLK is extremely sturdy on all terrains. Making it an ideal solution for construction sites, highway and rail maintenance works.

100% Portable Lighting

The NexSun solar lighting kit is slimline and fully portable, folding down into a carry case. Move and position the light exactly where you need it quickly and easily. Reduce generator noise and pollution to a minimum with maximum illumination.


3-in-1 Power Supply

Ultra Bright, Powerful Solar Lights | NexSun

Solar Power

Internal Lithium Battery | NexSun


External Lithium Battery | NexSun


The internal batteries of the solar lamps can be pre-charged with AC mains power to ensure that the light is operational exactly when you need it. Once deployed the powerful solar panel keeps the battery charged up throughout your project. 

As an additional back up for longer nights or low light areas the additional rechargeable battery pack can also be used. 

This hybrid-power nature of our solar lighting kits enables you to meet your sustainability goals without compromising on performance, safety or reliability.

Sustainable Industrial Lighting Solutions

Zero On Site Emission | NexSun

Zero On Site Lighting Emissions

Reduce your on-site emissions by removing the requirement for petrol or diesel generators to power the lights.

Zero Noise Pollution | NexSun

Zero Noise

The perfect solution for noise abatement notices - without the need of generators running throughout the night, noise pollution is reduced to zero.

Zero Fuel Costs | Nexsun

Zero Fuel Costs

Generator-free lighting means you can save fuel for machinery only. Essential savings during the current hike in fuel prices.

Zero trips and falls | NexSun

Zero Slips, Trips or Falls

A tidy work site is a safe work site. The reduction in lighting cables on site will help make the environment safer for all personnel.

Portable Solar Lighting Kits

NexSun currently offers two off-the-shelf solar lighting kits with optional extras and bespoke kits also available.

2500 SLK

The NexSun 2500 SLK is a portable tripod mounted work light, designed to enable you to illuminate large, open spaces with a powerful LED lamp. Pre-charge the system ahead of time using AC mains power, and if required, increase the reserve power supply with the external battery pack.

Applications include but are not limited to:

  • 45 metre flood beam
  • Variable lighting modes
  • Large footprint, lightweight aluminium tripod
  • Pre-charge with AC mains for extended use
  • Carry bags included
  • Bespoke kits available

2000 SLK

The NexSun 2000 SLK is a portable tripod work light with a fully integrated solar panel and internal battery. With the ability to be pre-charged, the SLK is ready to go and will operate throughout the night.
Maximise the potential of the 2000 SLK with an additional solar panel or contact us for completely bespoke systems for your unique projects.

  • 45 metre flood beam
  • Variable lighting modes
  • Large footprint, stainless steel tripod
  • Pre-charge with AC mains for extended use
  • Carry bag included
  • Bespoke kits available
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. For an optimum charge solar powered lights need to be place in direct sunlight to charge efficiently. They are however, charged by the Ultra Violet range of the light spectrum and so they can and will charge in cloud cover – meaning they will work all year around. Solar panels do not charge through glass windows as the windows absorb UV light.

With some models, yes you can use them indoors. You’ll need to choose a solar powered light with a separate solar cell and place that outside and run the cable to the lamp inside.

Yes, solar lights are a very cost-effective lighting solution. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Solar power is a renewable energy source, there are no ongoing energy bills.
  2. They are much less expensive to install compared to traditional grid lighting, with no need for expensive trenching costs or cabling.
  3. Easier to install and do not require an electrician.
  4. Less overall maintenance, using highly reliable LED lighting and lithium ion batteries.

All of our solar fittings come with a photocell sensor that automatically turn the lights on at dusk and then off at dawn. They are also fitted with a PIR motion sensor, that detects movement. This means that most of our fittings will sit at a lower brightness or off if required and then reach full brightness on movement and after 1-2 minutes go back down to the lower brightness.

There is no regular maintenance required for a solar lighting system. However, it is helpful to keep the solar panels clean, if you are in a dusty environment then it is beneficial to clean the solar panels.

You can use solar lights anywhere! Solar lights can be used for many different applications, thanks to being all-in-one, standalone systems. You can install them anytime, in any place without having to worry about access to grid energy, difficult trenching or cabling.

Solar lighting is ideal whenever traditional grid-connected lighting is impractical or expensive to install.

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